About Us

Neenan Company was founded in 1952 by Jim Neenan. Starting in the basement of Jim's house, the original products consisted of brass and lead goods. After a successful first year, the business was moved to a building in the Old Westport area of Kansas City.

During the early years, the main thrust of business consisted of copper tube, fittings, and other products associated with copper. As we have grown from our humble beginnings, so has our product lines to consist of over 70,000 sku's of pipe, valves, fittings, and fixtures. We have expanded to 11 locations throughout Missouri and Kansas including 2 Kitchen & Bath Kohler Showrooms under the direction of second generation owners, Mike and Joe Neenan.

Throughout our years, we have grown in size to consist of not only people who have been with Neenan Company for over 30 years but also many 2nd generation employees and 3rd generation Neenan's. One of the greatest parts about being a family owned company is that the employees, whether they have the last name "Neenan" or not, are treated like family. When employees are treated like family, the customers are treated like family as well. We are as dedicated to our customers as we are dedicated to our families.

We ensure that our customers are well taken care of and that their needs are met each time they visit by working closely with Manufacturers and Vendors to keep up with the latest trends, technologies, and changes in the industry. Working with vendors across the country and even world-wide, we are able to provide a variety of product information and knowledge to share with our customers. We deliver a consistent attitude that the customers always come first. The Neenan Company is built on a Foundation of Customer Service and Trust, Neenan Company continues to develop new products and new markets, while making our customers successful. We truly believe- to provide Great Service, we must surround ourselves with great people - Our Employees.

When asking a few Neenan Employees what their favorite aspect of working for this company is, the most common denominator would be the family-like environment. Walking in to each Neenan location, you feel like you are surrounded by family and will always have a welcoming smile and exceptional customer service. The employees of Neenan Company are proud and excited to be able to celebrate the success of providing 65 years of great customer service and dedication to our customers. We will continue to work hard to provide the kind of service, relationship, and commitment that only a family business can bring. As Jim Neenan would say, "It's not a company, its family."